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Preselection of 10 applications

The Innovation Awards Groupe Roullier 2018 dedicated to Plant & Soil Nutrition has been a great success.

You have been more than 60 universities/agronomical institutes from around the world to submit very interesting projects.

Among them, our scientific committee has established a preselection of 10 projects related to our development prospects and meeting the needs of the farmers.

The Jury, including our three International Independent Experts, will now study carefully each of them to determine the two winning projects of the competition.

Given the success of the contest, we plan to renew it. We will not fail to keep you informed, therefore you can apply with innovative ideas and help us advance agronomic research.


Contest next steps:

31/05 – Nomination of the 2 laureates

28/06 – Awards ceremony at Saint-Malo, France


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