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The 2001 edition of the Groupe Roullier Innovation Awards rewarded two projects :

Université de Toulouse – France

Prof. M-T Esquerré-Tugayé, Dr. B. Dumas, Dr. S. Cluzet

Professor Esquerré-Tugayé’s (member of the French Academy of Agriculture) team from the Toulouse University’s Laboratoire Interaction des Plantes et Microorganismes (Plant and Microorganism Interaction Laboratory) was rewarded for its research in genomics regarding the expression of various genes relating to the defense and metabolism of plants of agronomic interest.

Achievements: 2 patents

4 scientific publications

2 theses conducted at Toulouse University


University of Florence – Italy

Horticulture Department – Dr. S. Mancuzo – Dr. M. Boselli

The team from the Laboratory of Electrophysiology at the University of Florence was rewarded for the development of a new technology using electrodes that allows the root and foliar absorption of mineral elements in crops to be monitored.

Achievements: this innovative technique was used to validate the effects of two Groupe Roullier products on potassium channels and the absorption of the fertiliser, as well give prominence to the activation of root pumps and the foliar penetration of fertilising elements via the leaf’s cuticle.

1 publication

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