TIMAC AGRO France launched a dedicated  Phosph’Or app

In late May, TIMAC AGRO France, a specialist in soil fertilization, launched a free mobile application for farmers, allowing them to carry out a phosphorus diagnosis for their crops.

The Phosph'Or app is simple. A farmer just needs to geolocalise their farm to find the average levels of phosphorus and pH in the area (data from INRA, the National Institute of Agronomic Research), enter the characteristics of the farm (type of soil, the last phosphorus readings), and specify the crop concerned and the desired yield target. By combining all this information, the farmer will receive an analysis based on the COMIFER model, allowing them to identify their crops’ needs in order to provide appropriate dosages.

The creation of such an app stems from observations made by the INRA and various technical institutes on the lack of Phosphorus in soils. The effect on yields can be serious. It was therefore important for TIMAC AGRO France, a market leader in Phosphorus, to find a solution placing the latter back at the heart of fertilization.

The Phosph'Or app has been available on the Apple Store and Play Store platforms for a few days now.

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