The CMI Roullier signs a partnership with Teagasc on the optimisation of Grassland!

On 25th April 2017, the Centre Mondial de l’Innovation Roullier and Grassland Agro, signed a new Plant Nutrition partnership with Teagasc, the Irish national body for agricultural research and advisory and training services for farmers. Teagasc has several colleges, and a network of advisory and research centers, making it the equivalent of France’s INRA (National Institute of Agronomic Research). An independent body, it is highly demanding in its choice of scientific partnerships, and for this reason, we are proud to be able to start our first collaboration with this highly respected national organization.

The objective of the “Grass 10” programme is for each farmer to reach 10 tonnes of dry matter ingested per hectare per year, compared to the average of 7.8 for Irish dairy farming (5.6 t/ha for cattle raised for meat, and for sheep), corresponding to an increase of 22%. To help achieve this target, the programme is also aimed towards increasing the grazing frequency of grassland to 10 grazings per year. According to Teagasc, each tonne of extra dry matter ingested represents a gain of €180/ha for a dairy farm. This partnership has considerable potential given that grassland accounts for 70% of the UAA in Ireland and covers more than 60 million hectares in Europe.

This new four-year agreement will enhance the long-term environmental and economic sustainability of grassland farmers in Ireland by increasing the efficiency and productivity of dairy, cattle, and sheep farms. This goal is closely aligned with the objectives and benefits of adopting soil and grassland fertilization solutions from within the Groupe Roullier range of products.

The Groupe has maintained close relations with Teagasc for many years. Liam Woulfe, Managing Director of Grassland Agro, was invited to join Teagasc’s board in 2015 by the Irish Minister for Agriculture. Dr. Stan Lalor worked at Teagasc for 10 years before joining Grassland Agro, where he is now Director of Speciality Sales. All of the Grassland Agro’s technical sales team undertake a Certified Training Course on Soil and Crop Nutrition Management from  Teagasc.

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