New experiments on dairy cows in Spain

In mid-April, the CMI Roullier Animal Nutrition team met Dr Alex BACH, research professor at the ICREA* and head of the department of ruminant production at the IRTA*, and his team on the experimental Spanish farm Blanca From the Pyrenees with the aim of implementing a new test protocol for dairy cows and evaluating product performance.

This experimental Spanish farm is recognised internationally in the dairy field for bringing together experts from across the entire value chain: from cow genetics to milk production. These representatives may include milk producers, manufacturers and researchers.  The high level of expertise and multidisciplinary nature of its teams make the Blanca From the Pyrenees experimental farm the preferred partner for successfully carrying out Groupe Roullier’s zootechnical tests.

During this visit, a 3-month trial was set up to validate the effectiveness of a specificity (agronomic additive with high added value) developed within CMI Roullier. Thanks to the technical excellence of this experimental farm, analyses will be carried out on the 50 dairy cows being tested in order to identify the behaviour of the specificity and its effect on the quantity and quality of the milk produced.

Thus, these tests will make it possible to validate in vivo the effects of the specificity already selected using cutting-edge technology in the Animal Nutrition lab in the CMI Roullier such as artificial rumens.

*IRTA: Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries (Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology)

*ICREA: Institució Catalana de Recerca i Estudis Avançats (Catalan Institute for Research and Advanced Studies)

The Animal Nutrition team within CMI Roullier that has implemented the protocol:

  • Anca Laza Knoerr, Head of R&D for animal products
  • Sandra Point, R&D engineer in ruminant nutrition
  • Rosa Castellano Perez, R&D engineer in monogastric nutrition


Rumen: the largest of the four chambers in the stomach of ruminants (approx. 100L for a cow weighing 650kg).

Cows are separated into batches according to the protocols
Implementing the protocol with experts. On the wall, pictures of awarded cows for the quality of their milk at the experimental farm.
International partnerships including Timab Magnesium.

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New experiments on dairy cows in Spain

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