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Jean-Claude YVIN

Jean-Claude Yvin, Biochemist engineer and Ph.D. in Chemistry is Head of Department of Plant Nutrition in the Centre Mondial d’Innovation Roullier. With an International team of scientists with competence in plant nutrition, soil sciences, plant physiology, covering environmental issues, he develops crop nutrition strategies for the Group new solids and liquid fertilizers which are focus on future challenges and change drivers in Agriculture.
He has a strong expertise in marine natural product chemistry and has developed many products based on seaweed and seaweeds extracts and has an interest in new technologies applicable to agricultural market realities.
His scientific activity is reflected by a 109 score Research Gate with 1635 citations and also 71 patents.
Dr. J C YVIN is also a member of advisory board of Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes.