Heitor Cantarella, is the Director of the Soils and Environmental Resources Center at Agronomic Institute of Campinas (IAC) in Brazil. His expertise is in nitrogen, fertilizer use efficiency, soil analysis, and environmental issues related to fertilizer use in agriculture. He has worked with fertilization with a variety of crops including maize, citrus, and sugarcane. His work helped to set the basis for fertilizer and lime recommendations for crops in Brazil as one of the editors of Bulletin 100, a key and widely used publication for this purpose.

Dr. Cantarella is also engaged in the multidisciplinary group of scientists that coordinate FAPESP’s Bioenergy Program (BIOEN), which supports research in various areas of bioenergy. He is also the present coordinator of the Nutrient for Life in Brazil, an initiative promoted by ANDA and IPNI to educate the common citizen about the nature and the benefits of fertilizer for food production and quality.

Dr. Cantarella has published more than 70 books and book chapters and 130 original papers in prestigious international journals such as Advances in Agronomy, Plant and Soil, Global Change Biology Bioenergy, Scientific Reports, Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems, Water and Air Pollution, Journal of Environmental Quality, Soil Science Society of America Journal, Agronomy Journal, and others. peer-reviewed journals.

Among recent prizes and professional recognitions are the VALE-CAPES Prize of Science and Sustainability (2013): National award as supervisor of MS dissertation (2014), the Hero of the Brazilian Green Revolution - FAO-United Nations, ANDEF, ABAG e EMBRAPA (2015), the IPNI (International Plant Nutrition Institute Award on Plant Nutrition (Brazil, 2016), and the IFA Norman Borlaug Award 2017 (IFA Paris-Zurich, 2017).

Heitor Cantarella - Doctor in Agronomy

Innovation news

Change of date for the Innovation Awards Roullier 2020 ceremony

29 May 2020

In consideration of the current health situation, we decided to postpone the Innovation Awards Roullier 2020 award ceremony. Please note that it will be held on December 11, 2020 (instead of June 24).

Walter Wenzel’s advice, winner of the 2018 Edition

25 March 2020

Walter Wenzel (Austria), winner of the 2018 Innovation Awards Roullier, will give you his advice for 2020 Innovation Awards Roullier edition.

Laura Zanin

Laura Zanin’s advices, winner of the 2018 Edition

18 March 2020

As part of the Innovation Awards Roullier 2020, we give you Laura Zanin’s advices, winner of the 2018 Edition.

You asked for it, we did it!

26 February 2020

Many of you have contacted us to obtain more information about the contest, the content of the application file, the expectations of the juries and the prizes, asking us for an extension in order to write your application as well as possible.

Crossed glances of experts on the Innovation Awards Roullier 2020 – Pr. Mario Estévez and Pr. Johannes Lehmann

14 February 2020

Mario Estévez and Johannes Lehmann are respectively Professor in the department of animal production and food science at the University of Extremadura and Professor of soil biogeochemistry and soil fertility management at Cornell University. As members of the jury of the Innovation Awards Roullier 2020 and experts in their field, they agreed to give their […]

Innovation Awards 2020-Animal Nutrition Jury members

Innovation Awards 2020 - Animal Nutrition Jury members

30 December 2019

We are pleased to present you our three jury members for the Animal Nutrition

Innovation awards plant nutrition jury members

Innovation Awards 2020 - Plant Nutrition Jury members

31 October 2019

We are pleased to present you our three jury members for the Plant Nutrition

collaboration monogastrique cmi

New monogastric animal (pigs and poultry) collaboration

8 August 2019

In mid-April, the CMI Roullier Animal Nutrition team met with the head of the IRTA* Animal Nutrition, Dr Enric Esteve - along with his team - at the IRTA Mas Bové research centre in Tarragona (Spain) to set up a new monogastric animal collaboration.

New experiments on dairy cows in Spain

3 June 2019

In mid-April, the CMI Roullier Animal Nutrition team met Dr Alex BACH, research professor at the ICREA* and head of the department of ruminant production at the IRTA*, and his team on the experimental Spanish farm Blanca From the Pyrenees

Who is Groupe Roullier?

Since 1959, the Groupe Roullier‘s teams have been meeting the real needs of industry in the sector. A major operator in Animal and Plant Nutrition for 60 years, the Groupe Roullier has always continued to develop its expertise and skillsets. To maintain its leadership in these domains, the Centre Mondial de l’Innovation Roullier was created in Saint-Malo, historical hometown of its first production unit, to gather on a single site and with unique means, all skills involved in the innovation process.

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