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Christophe SALON

Dr Christophe Salon is Research Manager in INRA, Deputy Manager of both the UMR Agroecology and the Experimental Unit of INRA Dijon, he also manages the High PPHD 4PMI facility in Dijon.

Dr Christophe Salon has published over 70 papers in peer-reviewed journals. Dr Salon has been involved in 8 EU RTD projects (FP6 Grain Legume Integrated Project, Abstress, Legato, EPPN, Lisa, EPPN2020, Solace, Eucleg..) from 1996-present in Management board/WPL and delivery roles.
He has also been Co-ordinator of numerous other national/international projects such as ANR projects and involved in executive committee of international network (AEP, ILS).