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Innovation at CMI Roullier

Creating and developing the fertilizers and biostimulants of tomorrow

Plant Nutrition Center

The Plant Nutrition Center brings concrete and effective solutions, which also respect the environment, thanks to the high level of expertise from the soil, to the leaf, to the fruit.

An international team of PhDs in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Microbiology, and Agricultural Engineers work with some 60 universities and institutes around the world on numerous projects around our specific products and on tools which are unique in fertilization. Their work has been the subject of various patents and scientific publications.

Our phenotyping greenhouse is unique in private fertilization and designed in collaboration with INRA (National Institute for Agronomic Research), allows measurement of the growth or the physiological state of the plants in a non-destructive way. The automated conveying of pots, combined with precision imaging, facilitates the production of a very large amount of data, for even more reliability in the results.

Four Growth chambers allow us to evaluate our products in a multitude of climates. Being able to control the light intensity, the hours of daylight, the temperature and the humidity makes it possible to allow us to reproduce all the agro-climatic situations of the planet.

Expertise for every species and for every breeder

Animal Nutrition Center

Our PhDs in Animal Nutrition formulation chemistry and engineers work in our laboratories and in the eld (Europe, Asia, South America) on the implementation of new generation active ingredients for ruminants, monogastrics and aquaculture.

Two artificial rumens allow us to evaluate the impact of our formulations in different areas such as digestibility or ration optimization.

Intestinal immunity of monogastrics, manure recycling and improvements in silage are also subject to special studies. The Animal Nutrition Centre works together with various institutes and universities throughout the world (INRA, INP, IFIP...).

2 laboratories dedicated to research


The essential point-of-control for all our researches and products

This laboratory works on R&D projects in both Plant and Animal Nutrition. And as safety requires, it checks, validates and assures the quality of the produce of the Groupe Roullier. It intervenes throughout the manufacturing process, from the analysis of the raw materials to the final products, on the physical characteristics (granulometry, how it crumbles ...) and chemical ones (titration of minerals, trace elements ...). To that end, the teams have top of the range equipment at their disposal.

Microbiology Laboratory

Our accreditation: the guarantee of optimal safety and international recognition

Our doctors in microbiology test the antimicrobial efficiency of disinfectant products used in the veterinary, food, medical, industrial and community sectors. They also monitor the microbiological and sanitary status of different products to check their sterility or to detect the presence of pathogenic or altering germs. The microbiology laboratory works closely with both Plant and Animal Nutrition. Its COFRAC accreditation and its recognition by the French Ministry of Research also enable to be the partner of all private or public organizations looking for an accredited laboratory.