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Competition Rules

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Article 1: Organisation

The Centre Mondial de l’Innovation (World Innovation Centre), an establishment owned by the company AGRO INNOVATION INTERNATIONAL listed in the Trade and Companies Register of Saint Malo under number 402 947 014, and with a head office at 18 avenue Franklin Roosevelt – 35400 Saint Malo (France) (hereinafter the ‘Organiser’), is organising a competition (hereinafter ‘the Competition’) entitled Innovation Awards - Groupe Roullier.

Article 2: Aim

The aim of the Competition is to promote two (2) research projects focusing on the following topics:

  • Plant nutrition
  • Natural plant and marine substances
  • Soil sciences
  • Biostimulation and biocontrol
  • Biotechnologies and plant engineering

Each of the two winners of the Competition will be given the opportunity to develop their research project for a period of one year in their host laboratory, in partnership with the Organiser, and will have the benefit of a financial contribution of up to €60,000, under the terms set out in Article 7 hereof.

Article 3: Terms of participation

3.1. The Competition is open to all researchers or groups of researchers attached to a research laboratory, whether public or private, French or foreign, which has carried out/wishes to carry out a research project involving one of the subjects stated in article 2 (hereinafter ‘the Candidate’ or ‘the Candidates’).

The work, or the presentation of the work, must, as a mandatory condition, be written up, in English or French, and summarised in an ‘executive summary’ in French or English; it must also adhere to the rules set out in article 9.

Finally, the Candidate must adhere to the dossier presentation methods stipulated in Article 4 hereof.

3.2. Participation in the competition is free of charge.

3.3. Groups of researchers presenting a joint work must appoint an individual authorised to represent them.

The winner and the Director/Manager of the host laboratory undertake to attend, in person, the awards ceremony for the Competition.  AII shall cover the cost of transport and accommodation for this trip, within reason, upon presentation of receipts, as long as the estimates associated with said trips have been approved in advance, in writing, by AII.

3.4. The researchers of the Centre Mondial d’Innovation, or any associated company that is a member of the Groupe Roullier, will not be authorised to attend the Competition.

Article 4: How to take part

Registration for the Competition shall be effected solely via the Internet, between 1st October 2017 and 31st March 2018 at midnight (Paris time) via the competition website (

Each Candidate must complete the fields marked as obligatory, on-line, in French or English, and include the following in his/her electronic entry:

  • A document introducing the laboratory to which the Candidate belongs;
  • An executive summary of the work to be carried out;
  • The research work being submitted for the competition; this may take the form of a dissertation, one or more scientific publications, posters, a thesis by the researcher or the host laboratory, or a detailed presentation of the work envisaged, and their contributions;
  • The Candidate’s CV, for individual candidates, and the CV of the representative of a group of researchers, in the case of candidacies involving more than one researcher;
  • A letter of motivation;

Any Candidates encountering difficulties with the IT system will be provided with an e-mail address to which submissions may be sent. In exceptional circumstances, Candidates who have experienced difficulties of a technical nature may be permitted to send their dossier by post to the following address:

Innovation Awards Groupe Roullier, Centre Mondial de l’Innovation 18, avenue Franklin Roosevelt 35400 Saint Malo (France).

Dossiers submitted to the Organiser by the Candidates will not be returned, unless requested by letter.

Article 5: Selection criteria and selection method

5.1. Board of selection

On the basis of the candidate dossiers collected, an internal board of selection, chaired by Mr Nicolas Vermersch and comprised of the Managers of the Groupe Roullier's Centre de l’Innovation, will select ten entries for submission to the Jury, which will determine the two Winners.

5.2. Jury

The Jury shall choose two winners from among the ten entries selected.

The Competition Jury is made up of the following five members:

- Mr Nicolas VERMERSCH, CEO of Agro Innovation International, President of the Jury.

- Dr Christophe SALON, Research Director of the INRA, Director of the GEAPSI department (Génétiques et Environnementaux de l’Adaptation des Plantes à des Systèmes de culture Innovants).

- Prof. Nicolaus VON WIREN, Director of the Department of Molecular Plant Nutrition at the Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK), Germany.

- Pr Heitor CANTARELLA, Director of the Agronomic Institute of Campinas, Brazil.

- Dr Jean-Claude YVIN, Director of R&D in Plant Nutrition, Groupe Roullier.

The Jury will draw up a list of the best Entries, ranked in order of merit, so that it can provide a substitute in the event that one or more of the winners refuses to accept a prize.

Members of the Jury cannot take part in deliberations or votes concerning candidate Dossiers in relation to whom they may have a conflict of interest.

The Jury's word shall be final and no appeals shall be entertained.

All the Candidates, irrespective of whether or not they are winners, shall be notified as to the two candidates who have won the Competition.

The awards ceremony for the Competition shall take place in Saint-Malo in June 2018. The winners shall be notified that they may be filmed and/or interviewed as part of the promotional events for the competition, and that the use of said material shall not entitle them to any remuneration, compensation, right or benefit whatsoever, or give rise to any consideration whatsoever. The authorisation to use said material shall be drawn up in writing and signed by the winners.

5.3. Selection criteria

The following elements shall be taken into account when it comes to selecting the two Competition winners:

  • The nature and scope of the scientific production;
  • The degree of originality in the scientific approach used;
  • The nature of the Organiser's contribution to the research or to the development of the research.
  • The contribution made to the training of the researchers.
  • The extent of the contribution to the spreading of science and technology.

Article 6: Timetable

The Competition shall begin on 1st October 2017.

The deadline for the submission of entries shall be 31st March 2018, at midnight (Paris time). Candidate entries submitted after this deadline has passed will not be taken into consideration.

The board of selection shall announce the ten entries selected on 30th April 2018.

The jury shall reveal the names of the winners in May 2018.

The two winners shall have their awards presented to them in June 2018.

Article 7: Competition Grants

The Organiser shall award, to each of the two Competition winners, a financial grant aimed at enabling them to continue, or contributing to the implementation of, the work set out in the winner's entry. This grant may be as much as €60,000, and will be intended to finance a portion of the costs associated with staff, equipment, dossier expenses, costs of running the host laboratory incurred by the research for a period of one year.

The precise terms of this grant, and what it covers, shall be specified in a research collaboration contract which will be drawn up between the Organiser and the Candidate or the Laboratory or any other legal entity whose services it may wish to call upon.

The grant shall be paid to each of the two winning Laboratories, in accordance with the following schedule: €20,000 upon the signing of the research collaboration contract between the two parties, €20,000 upon the submission of a halfway-stage report, and €20,000 upon the submission of the final report.

This collaboration shall be the subject of a specific contract between the Organiser and each of the winning Host laboratories, which will set out, in particular, the research work envisaged, and the details of how the associated intellectual property will be handled.

The negotiation of the contract between the Parties must be completed within 6 months of the presentation of the awards, i.e. the contracts must be signed by 31 December 2018 at the latest.

In the event of a disagreement between the Parties on the contractual negotiations, the grant shall be reassigned to the next Entry, in accordance with the ranking that will have been drawn up by the Jury.

This research collaboration contract will enable the winning laboratories to access equipment belonging to AII, in order to conduct certain aspects of their scientific work under the terms specified therein.

Article 8: Confidentiality and intellectual property

8.1: Warranty

The Candidates warrant that the content submitted in the context of the Competition respects the rights of third parties, and, in particular, property rights and copyright (pertaining to images, text, logos, etc.), brand rights, the rights of individuals such as right to name and to image, or any other intellectual or industrial property right.

In particular, the Candidates declare that they are not reproducing any text that was not written by them without permission to do so.

The Candidates warrant to the Organiser that the use of the works presented in the context of the Competition shall not harm the rights of third parties, and undertake to deal personally with any claim and/or proceedings, irrespective of their form, purpose and nature, that may be made against the Organiser and that is directly or indirectly linked to the performance and/or use of any content they have presented.

The Candidates guarantee the Organiser against all damages and costs which may result from potential disputes with a third party in this regard.

8.2: Confidentiality

All of the elements submitted by the Candidates in their candidate entry shall be treated in a confidential manner, and shall be used solely by the board of selection, the jury and their experts. Confidentiality is guaranteed by the Organiser.

Nonetheless, the Organiser is authorised to make public, communicate to the press and publish on the websites of the Innovation Awards Groupe Roullier, the website of the Groupe Roullier or any other affiliated company, non-confidential research work that is part of the entries proposed, and, in particular, the executive summary provided by the Candidates in the entry form, without any form of consideration whatsoever.

8.3: Use of the works

Each of the Parties shall remain the owner of their respective contributions before the contract commences.

The products contributed by the Groupe Roullier shall remain the property of the Organiser.

If the Laboratory contributes a product that it has produced, the terms of use of said product shall be set out in the research collaboration contract.

In the fields of nutrition and protection of plants, the Laboratories agree to give the Groupe Roullier exclusive use of the results, including results which may be patented or are the object of specific know-how, the financial terms whereof shall be stipulated in the research collaboration contract (co-ownership of the patents, based on the respective contributions).

The Organiser shall have a right of review with respect to any scientific article, poster, or result due to be included in an external communication, before their ‘official’ publication.

8.3: Processing of personal data

Personal data that is communicated by the Candidate in the context of the processing of their candidate entry will be computerised, recorded and used by the Organiser for the needs of their participation, selection and the allocation of grants. The data may also be processed for statistical reasons.

Personal data submitted by the Candidates to the organisers of the Competition shall have the aim of enabling the processing of their participation in the Competition, in accordance with the terms hereof. In accordance with the law ‘IT and freedoms’ of 6 January 1978, as amended by law no. 2004-801 of 6 August 2004 regarding the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the directive no. 2005-1309 of 20 October 2005, the Candidates shall the right to access, object to, correct and delete all data that concerns them. All requests pertaining thereto must be sent by email to or to the following address: Innovation Awards Groupe Roullier, Centre Mondial de d’Innovation 18, avenue Franklin Roosevelt 35400 Saint Malo (France).

8.4: Authorisation for the use of images of the members of the candidate teams, and the presentation of the projects.

Each candidate authorises, free of charge, the Organiser, or any person it may designate, to photograph, film, record and use his or her image, voice, or words, with respect to non-confidential elements, performed in the context of the preparation of the Competition, the promotion thereof, or the awards ceremony.

The photos and interviews taken in this way shall be used solely in the context of the internal and external communications of the Innovation Awards Groupe Roullier or any other company affiliated to the Groupe Roullier, nationally and internationally, for the purposes of training, promoting its activities or providing information to the public about its activities.

The said authorisation shall concern, in particular, the right to represent or be represented, to reproduce or have reproduced, in full or in part, photographs and films of the Candidate, identified as non-confidential in accordance with article 8.2, either by the Organiser, directly, or by the agency of any third party authorised by the Organiser, throughout the whole world, by all technical methods and procedures known or not presently known, including the written press, audiovisual media, or computerised media, on all media and in all formats, and to distribute them in the commercial and non-commercial sectors, the public sector and the private sector, with a view to collective and/or domestic receipt thereof.

The said authorisation shall also entitle the Organiser, or any person that it may designate, the right to use, reproduce and distribute, in full or in part, on all media and under the terms stated above, words used by the representative of the Candidate in the context of the internal and external communications of the Groupe Roullier, or any affiliated company, regarding the Innovation Awards.

This authorization for the use of images shall be valid for 5 years, starting on the date on which the Candidate registers its entry in the Competition, which represents acceptance of these Rules.

Article 9: Limits on Liability

The liability of the Organiser is strictly limited to delivering the two monetary prizes, once they have actually, and validly, been won.

The result of the Jury's deliberations may not be contested.

Candidates who have not received awards or been selected shall have no right to any compensation whatsoever.

The Organiser therefore cannot be held liable for any potential contamination by a virus, or intrusion by a third party, in the computer system of the Competition Candidates, and rejects all liability with regard to the consequences of the Candidates connecting to the network via the website and on the web pages on which the rules may be accessed.

The Organiser cannot, under any circumstances, be held liable in the event that one or more Candidates cannot connect to the web page on which the rules may be accessed, or the one on which entries may be submitted, as a result of any technical problem or fault associated, in particular, and not limited to, one of the following: network congestion, a human error or electrical fault, a malevolent intervention, a telephone connectivity problem, a malfunction in the software or material, or a force majeure event.

The Organiser may cancel all or part of the Competition if it appears that fraudulent actions have taken place, of any form whatsoever, and on computer systems in particular, in the context of participation in the Competition or the determining of the winner(s). Any inaccurate or deceitful declaration, and any act of fraud, shall result in the candidate being disqualified.

If the said act is discovered after the Awards Ceremony, and it concerns one of the 2 winners, the Organiser shall, at its sole discretion, request that the grant awarded be refunded in full or in part.

The Organiser also reserves the right to initiate proceedings against the perpetrators of said fraud before the competent courts.

The Competition rules may be consulted at any time throughout the duration of the Competition, barring any force majeure circumstances affecting the dedicated website.

The Organiser may, at any time, and in particular for technical reasons, for updates, or maintenance work, shut off access to the Competition website. The Organiser shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for said interruptions to access and the consequences thereof, in particular the fact that a candidate did not have access to the latest version of the Competition rules, or any other associated document, in the event of a change to, or evolution of, the said documents.

The Organiser reserves the right, if the circumstances demand it, to postpone or cancel the Competition, it being specified that no claims will be entertained in this eventuality. Equally, the Organiser shall under no circumstances be held liable if, due to an event that is unforeseeable, impossible to prevent and external to the Organiser, the undertakings resulting herefrom could not be adhered to, in full or in part.

Participation in the competition implies acceptance of these Rules on the part of the Candidate, without any reservations whatsoever.

Article 10: Rights reserved

The Organiser reserves the right to undertake any checks that it deems to be of use, pertaining to adherence with the Rules, in particular, to eliminate any Candidate who does not hold the copyright to the works submitted in its entry.

Article 11: Applicable law and disputes

These rules, and the Competition generally, shall be subject to French law, to the exclusion of all other bodies of law.

All disputes which may arise as to the interpretation hereof shall be expressly submitted to be assessed solely by the Organiser.

Any difficulty in applying or interpreting the Rules, or any objection regarding the Competition, shall be adjudicated upon, as a last resort, exclusively by the members of the Organiser's executive board.

It should be noted that these rules will be drawn up in French and in English. In the event of any difference in interpretation, the French language version shall take precedence.

No response will be made to any request or claim made by telephone concerning the application or the interpretation of these Rules. All complaints or claims pertaining to the Competition must be made in writing and sent to the Organiser's address. No complaints will be taken into account once eight (8) days or more have passed since the closing of the Competition.

Article 12: Registration and consultation of the Rules

These rules of operation have been registered with the Bailiffs’ Office in Saint-Malo:

SCP Thomas DESHAYES et Nicolas COBUS, 18 avenue Jean Jaures - BP 31 - 35401 Saint-Malo (Ille et Vilaine, 35) (France).

They shall be sent free of charge to any person requesting to see them, upon simple request, made to the following address:

The Rules may be consulted free of charge, and in full, at the following web address:

The Organisers reserve the right to cancel, postpone, extend, shorten or alter, in full or in part, the Competition in question.

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